Angel Adoree invites you on a nostalgic journey to rediscover your childhood fascination with all things sweet. The Vintage Sweets Book shows you that with a ‘spoonful of sugar’ and a little imagination, you can create your favourite vintage sweets and party treats for every soirĂ©e.

You’ll learn to make Love Hearts for your sweetheart, Parma Violets for your gran, Fruit Jellies for your friends, Sugared Mice for the kids, Jazzies for a party and a couple of naughty, sweetie-inspired cocktails for yourself. Each chapter from The Vintage Sweets Book is crammed with delightful retro sweet recipes, tempting cocktails, and puddings inspired by the sweets, as well as craft projects to help bring the magic to life.

To add a novel twist to your party, there are inspired cocktails to go with sweets so the grown-ups can enjoy an extra treat once the kids are in bed. Sample amongst others the delights of a Rose Lollipop Cocktail, Gin Fizz, Rocktail, Parma Violet Cocktail, Sarsaparilla Cocktail and a Cough Candy Toddy!


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